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Novel Team Star: Fall of Cybertron
Team Star: Rise of the Senku-sha
Vital Statistics
Species Artificial Intelligence
Rank Chief Artificial Intelligence Progra
Status Online
Physical Description
Gender Female Programmed
Affiliation Autobots
Team Star
Abilities & Equipment
Abilities '
  • Transcendental-Genius Intellect
  • Parallel Processing
Image Gallery

Nexus (Neural-Execution-Xeno-Unified-System) is a Super-Artificial Intelligence that inhabits the starship called the Citadel. Created by Wildstar, the AI is used after Team Star escapes Cybertron on the Citadel, and they entered stasis with the AI to maintain the ship, and wake Wildstar if communications to any Autobot is possible.


  • Nexus is the only Super-AI created by a Cybertronian.

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