"You Not So Bad For A Mech Bumblebee"

—Moonrunner to Bumblebee

Rq moonrunner by wolfcreeker-d9o0q7v
is an Autobot warrior and a former scout of Team Prime and the second female member of Team Prime. Shes the younger sister of Blazestriker and Stormrider and the youngest out of the group.


Cybertron and SparkedEdit

During the war, One day Moon's mother was on patrolling around Iacon while looking for any survivors she was ambushed by the Decepticons in the alley but a cyberwolf came out of nowhere and saved her at first she was afraid of him but when changed into autobot form and introduced himself she hesitated at first but trusted him and he took her to his father's friend Tech Aid to get her fixed and he told that his father about what happen. One day she met the mech who saved her again and both started to have crush one other. Over the stealler cycles they fell in love and boned and they a two sons named Blazestriker and Stormrider. Then they had a daughter named Moonrunner. Her mother was cybertronian and her father was a cyberwolf Moon never knew. her mother and father when she was just newborn,her parents tooked her and brothers to the orphanage before they died in the war.

Losing a love one,Separation and Traumatized Edit

During the time with Master Yoketron the one who adopted her along with her older brothers Blaze and Storm at the orphanage when she was a day old sparkling and Blaze was ten years old and Storm was nine. He deiced to trained them as cyberninjas. When they got older and the time when their sire was killed by Sabertooth. The siblings decided to go and find the autobots and join them but the deceptions attack and ambush them causing Striker and Storm to be separate from her. Then she was found and ambushed by decepticons and they raped her when she was younger more like six years old. She was very traumatized about it and ever since that day she was afraid of Mechs and dont trust them.

Meeting Team PrimeEdit

While still on cybertron her and her brothers were on patrol when they were attack by shockwave,Striker was concerned about his sister worried that she'll get raped again, they retreat then striker manged to hid a space pod, striker ordered his sister to get in which she refused to leave her brothers behind, with that her brother knocked her out and put into the pod setting coordinates to earth. Then the pod crashed into the woods,while looking around she spots Megatron and his soldiers while, trying not to get spotted she went to a different path but got spotted by Breakdown the cons attacks. Meanwhile Optimus,Bulkhead,Arcee and Bumblebee were scouting for the signal of a space pod but to finding out is was empty, then suddenly they heard blast and explosions,they ran to the location discovered that is was a femme form the pod and injured by Megatron and his soldiers the decepticons. Optimus and the others came to help her and they tooked her who was unconscious to see Ratchet for repairs.

Later Star began to wake up when she opened her optics she saw Bumblebee at first she was hostel him but when he explains how she got here. Moonrunner told everyone about her life and why she hated mechs. Optimus had offered her to join them which she gladly excepted.

Moonrunner's Relationships Edit

Moon's Relationships

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