Leanarda Nevada or Lea is the adopted daughter of Jason Micheal Nevada and Yuki Airi Nevada.Shes the youngest out of the team. Later on Shes Optimus' Adopted child.

Personality Edit

Lea is mostly a loner since she had a hard time talking to people and has trust issues towards people as well. She can be Kind,Loyal, Sometimes Fun-loving and caring and Protective.

Background Edit

Her Life begins when she was born on cybertron during the war she born with a unknown but special powers and abilities that she never knew about but sadly she was born blind.Her Biological parents (Which there Cybertonian) had to hid her and had sent her to earth because the Leader of the Shadow Elite Razorfang was after her. She was discovered by a married couple Jason and Yuki who moved to the town of Jasper, they were on a night walk around the woods when they heard a big crash and went to the sight of crash. They Discovered an escaped pod (which they dont know its Cybertronian),when Jason went down the hole to see what was in it, Suddenly when the pod opened they see a tiny little protoform. When Jason's hand touch the liquid medal it shocked him made him nearly passed out form it, then the DNA of his had changed the tiny protoform into Techno organic sparkling, the tiny baby opened her optics/eyes to see Yuki looking at her the little one was curious and started to cooed at Yuki. Yuki immediately fallen in love the tiny baby and asked Jason that they can keep her since she dosent want the baby be out here alone with no parents nor one to take care of her Jason agreed with her and had named her Leanarda Shirotorra Nevada.

Interaction With Other Characters Edit

(Coming Soon)

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